About the company

Screen Market Systems JSC was incorporated in late 1999. The company is presently one of leading Russian developers of real-time electronic systems for the financial markets. Our cutting-edge technologies are implemented in the first fully electronic trading & clearing system for futures and options of the Moscow central stock exchange, electronic systems for international news agencies, Forex dealing centre and online trading systems.

The leading project is the system for broker-dealer services TRANSAQ which is now one of the leading programming applications for the Russian stock and derivatives market. Its competitive edge is high productivity, safety and quality of technological support. Apart from that, TRANSAQ has numerous technical and methodological competitive edges fulfilling the high expectations of our client base.

From the first year of TRANSAQ implementation, Screen Market Systems were creating a high quality software which would meet the challenges of the changing and growing Russian financial market. Now, our team is dedicated to further development and enhancing of the TRANSAQ trading platform.

We realize that clients should not take extraordinary technological risks, and this is arguably our basic advantage. From year to year, TRANSAQ is expanding and increasing the amount of users among them leading banks, broker-dealer and investment companies.

Our e-trading system is one of the leading platforms on the Russian market of financial software. For more information on its functions, click here.

Our vision

The mission of Screen Market Systems reflects our responsible position towards the professional participants of the financial markets and their customers.

Our core philosophy is to maintain high level of safety, productivity, technical support and information security.